Laboratory of Polymeric and composite materials

A lab shared between University of Mons and Materia Nova Research Center.

Group leaders : Prof. Philippe Dubois and Prof. Jean-Marie Raquez


LPCM is an interdisciplinary research group whose activities focus on the design, synthesis, characterization and processing of polymer materials. Effective member of the Center of Innovation and Research in Materials and Polymers (CIRMAP), Dubois’ group has developed scientific and technological skills allowing a step-by-step follow up of the materials from its conception to its fate.


LPCM takes advantage of its expertise in macromolecular engineering and polymer processing to design well-defined materials while its equipment facilities offer in-depth characterization and better understanding of resulting properties. LPCM research activities have been organized in 4 research subgroups closely interconnected to each other with research activities spanning the development of new synthetic strategies as well as novel polymers or polymer materials for applications in energy, health and biomedical sciences, sustainable and (nano)composite materials.

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