Macromolecular Engineering : Green Processes and CO2 Valorization

Our research

Research Group Leader : Dr Olivier Coulembier

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The interest of our research is mainly focused on the preparation of (biocompatible/biodegradable) polymers presenting complex architectures. Specific initiators, living/controlled polymerization procedures, quantitative organic transformations and new monomers are prepared in our group and used for the construction of complex materials including cyclic, star-shaped, dendrimer-like star or hyperbranched architectures. For the sake of greening the chemistry, our approach relies on a biomimetic inspiration from Nature. By corollary, the activation of carbon dioxide to enable its use as a synthon or a participating polymerization molecule is arousing our interest.


  • SOLIDYE (EU, Région wallonne), BIORGEL (EU, Région wallonne), SUSPOL : EU, BIODEST : EU, BATWAL : Région wallonne, HYB2HYB : Région wallonne