The key objective of the LPCM group could be resumed as : by a fine control/tuning over the polymer synthesis, and by an in-depth characterization of the resulting material properties, our goal aims at targeting new applications in industrial domains as versatile as packaging, cables, insulators industries, but also in electronic, communication, health biomedical and pharmaceutical areas.

LPCM, part of the Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science of the University of Mons (UMONS), has been created with the support of both « Région Wallonne » and European Community within the frame of the launching of Materia Nova research center.

More particurlarly and in perfect complementarity with other laboratories involved in Materia Nova research center, LPCM has oriented, since its opening in October 1997, its activities in synthesis, characterization, transformation, processing, and applications of polymeric and composite materials, with a special insight for the ultimate life end-up of the polymeric material after its last utilization ; « clean » incineration, recycling, depolymerization process, or biodegradation.

Guided tour of LPCM affiliations and creations

Materia Nova

The scientific and technologic competences available in Materia Nova research center, with more than 90 chemists, physicists, and chemical engineers, allow us to intervene in all step-states of the elaboration and life of a material, including its ultimate end-up after last utilization. Study of a material requires a deep knowledge of its bulk components as well as its surface properties in permanent interaction with its surrounding environment, i.e., degradation, corrosion, wettability, permeability are everyday phenomena that account for its adequate surface treatment. The materials so studied include either conventional materials such as metallic and inorganic alloys, glassy and pulverulent materials, or ceramic and organic materials with thermoplastics, elastomers and composites.http://www.materianova.be/


LPCM participated in 2007 in the creation of the Center of Innovation and Research in Materials of Polymers CIRMAP which gathers ca. 160 persons active in 4 laboratories, incl. LPCM. http://morris.umons.ac.be/cirmap/

Research Institutes

LPCM is a full member of the Research Institute in Science and engineering of Materials (www.umons.ac.be/materials) and of the Research Institute for Health Science and Technology (www.umons.ac.be/health). Some members of LPCM are members also of the Research Institute of Bioscience (www.umons.ac.be/biosciences).

This active participation to these research institutes allows establishment of inter-faculty collaborations and access to specific characterization tools supervised by experts in the field. Finally, the synergy established between the different laboratories of various expertise contributes to the development of transdisciplinary research projects and innovation.


Philippe Dubois is a co-founder of NANO4 S.A. company, a spin-off of UMONS and Materia Nova, officially created in October 2011. He is President of its administration board  board. http://www.nano4-materials.com