Adaptive Polymeric Materials & Additive Manufacturing

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Research Group Leader : Dr. Jérémy Odent


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While increasing research focus has been given to developing the capability to modulate the properties of 3D printed devices, combining the possibilities offered by stimuli-responsive and adaptive polymers with advanced 3D printing technologies holds great promise in meeting the ever‐increasing demand of complex device platforms.

Recent focus points are devoted to the design of printable polymeric materials and (nano)composites with desired properties and boosted functionalities including but not limited to:

  • 3D-printed and 4D-printed materials,
  • Shape-memory materials,
  • Self-healing materials,
  • Photonic materials,
  • Electrically and thermally conductive materials,
  • Piezoelectric and piezoionic materials,
  • Energy-harvesting materials,
  • Flame-retardant materials,
  • Shape-morphing actuators,
  • Sensing devices,
  • Biomedical devices.