Reactive extrusion and Eco-friendly processes for sustainable (Bio)polymeric materials

Our research

Research Group Leader : Dr. Fouad Laoutid

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The main research activities conducted in this unit are focused on the development of functional (bio)polymeric-based materials through sustainable processes. Sustainable solvent free reactive melt-processing, such as reactive and enzymatic extrusion or solid-state condensation are used for:

  • Developing new (bio)polymeric materials from renewable building blocks.
  • Upgrading (bio)polymers properties by chemical modification (grafting functional groups, chain extension/branching, reactive plasticization, ….)
  • Compatibilization of (bio)polymer blends

Our goal is to develop new (bio)polymeric (nano)composites with specific functional properties such as:

  • Designing inherent flame retardant (bio)polymers.
  • Developing smart (bio)polymers, self-healing, shape memory, electro-stimulating properties, …
  • Tuning the biodegradability of natural polymers.
  • Enhancing (bio)polymers foamability and film-forming ability.
  • Upgrading properties of recycled polymers