Dr Jérémy Odent

Dr Jérémy Odent Dr. Jérémy Odent is lecturer at University of Mons. Following works with high-impact polylactide-based nanocomposites during his PhD at Umons, he generated novel ionic nanocomposites as a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University. Since then, he developed new capabilities at Laboratory of Polymeric Materials and Composites in the area of smart polymeric materials and […]

Dr Noémie Hergué

Dr Noemie Hergué Noémie Hergué is Doctor in Organic Chemistry from Angers University in France. Two post-doctoral positions in high level groups gave her a strong experience in design, synthesis and characterization of p-conjugated monomers and their polymerizations using different techniques (chemical and electrochemical) for photovoltaic applications. She is involved in Smartfilm Project dealing with the […]

Dr Samira Benali

Dr Samira Benali Samira Benali PhD in Polymer Science from INSA of Lyon, his main areas are the preparation and characterization of polymer-based (nano)-composites issued from renewable resource. She is also in charge of evaluation of film polymer permeation properties for food packaging application. She has more than ca. 14 publications in international journals, 9 personal […]