Prof. Olivier Coulembier

OLIVIER COULEMBIER graduated from the University of Mons-Hainaut in 2005 and moved to Stanford University and the IBM Almaden Research Center to undertake periods of postdoctoral research under the supervision of Prof. Robert M. Waymouth and Dr. James L. Hedrick. Olivier is currently a Senior Research Associate of the Belgian F.N.R.S. in the Laboratory of Polymeric and Composite Materials (LPCM) at the University of Mons. His research focuses on the (non)-organometallic ring-opening polymerization of cyclic monomers and the valorization of carbon dioxide by the use of organic catalysts. He has (co)authored more than 130 scientific papers in international journals, 4 patents and 4 book chapters. His ORCID iD is 0000-0001-5753-7851