Update and Challenges in Carbon Dioxide-Based Polycarbonate Synthesis.

Dr. Jin Huang, Dr. Joshua C. Worch, Prof. Dr. Andrew P. Dove, Prof. Dr. Olivier Coulembier

Abstract : The utilization of carbon dioxide as a comonomer to produce polycarbonates has attracted a great deal of attention from both industrial and academic communities because it promises to replace petroleum-derived plastics and supports a sustainable environment. Significant progress in the copolymerization of cyclic ethers (e.g., epoxide, oxetane) and carbon dioxide has been made in recent decades, owing to the rapid development of catalysts. In this Review, the focus is to summarize and discuss recent advances in the development of homogeneous catalysts, including metal- and organo-based complexes, as well as the preparation of carbon dioxide-based block copolymer and functional polycarbonates.