Prof. Philippe Dubois

Prof. Philippe Dubois Philippe Dubois, Ph.D. in sciences, is rector-president of University of Mons (Mons, Belgium). He is full professor at Faculty of Sciences where he launched the Laboratory of Polymeric and Composite Materials, Center of Innovation and Research in Materials & Polymers CIRMAP. His expertise covers organic chemistry; macromolecular chemistry; catalysis in polymer materials; […]

Prof. Jean-Marie Raquez

Prof. Jean-Marie Raquez Jean-Marie Raquez PhD in Polymer Science from University of Mons, his main areas are the chemical modification and synthesis of polymer-based (nano)-composites issued from renewable resource using reactive extrusion processing. He has also in charge of national and regional projects, programs with industries and European Projects (FP7). In the realm, he has more […]

Dr Rosica Mincheva

Dr Rosica Mincheva Rosica Mincheva received her PhD degree in polymer chemistry from the Laboratory of Bioactive Polymers, Institute of Polymers-BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria.In 2007 she moved to a postdoctoral stay in the University of Mons where she is now an associate researcher.Her research covers macromolecular chemistry and engineering, physicochemical and thermomechanical characterization, preparation of micro- and […]

Loïc Brison

Loïc Brison Loïc Brison, Laboratory Technician, his main areas are thermal and mechanical characterizations, HPLC, GC, GC-MS and ICP-OES analysis, polymer melt processing, nano-particles synthesis. He has also skills in urea formaldehyde and urea melamine formaldehyde resin production and characterizations. Email : loï 

Eng. Oltéa Murariu

Eng Oltéa Murariu Oltea Murariu Chem. Eng. from Technical University of Iasi, emphasizes laboratory and industrial experience in the field of cellulose, paper, artificial fibers, paints and lacquers industry. She has good practical experience (hands-on) to synthesize and characterize various polymer (nano)composites using specific techniques in the frame of different R&D projects and is contributor of scientific communications […]

Dr. Marius Murariu

Dr. Marius Murariu Marius Murariu : Dr. Chem. Eng. in « Technology of Polymers » from Technical University of Iasi, “Magna Cum Laude” doctorate degree, emphasizes a broad background in formulation, process and product development of bio- and engineering polymer (nano)composites. He was invited as Guest Researcher at NIST (USA) and actually is involved in the INTERREG & […]